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How to use electric tools safely

2016-12-28 09:45:59

How to use electric tools safely

(1) the use of power tools should be well insulated. The use of power tools in the construction site, must be installed to install leakage protection, safety isolation transformer and other safety protection measures;

(2) the use of angle grinder, hand-held grinding wheel, should wear protective glasses, grinding will be no one toward the side of Mars equipment;

(3) the use of hand drill, should first start after contact with the workpiece, drilling oblique holes should be to prevent slip drilling, the operation shall not be directly removed by hand iron;

(4) the use of grinding machine should be started to reach the normal speed, and then contact the workpiece. Grinding wheel protective cover should be installed intact;

(5) the use of abrasive grinding wheel saw the workpiece should be clamped firmly in place to prevent the saw off the bomb hurt;

(6) the use of electric hammer, the operator should wear a helmet, wear insulated shoes, and need to wear masks and glasses.

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