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Hardware tools industry to open up new markets in rural areas

2016-12-28 09:49:36

      With the increasingly strong domestic and international market demand, after more than 20 years of development, hardware and tools has become China 's science and technology hardware market, one of the most heritage of the industry, in recent years, hardware products into the gold sales .

      Previously, no-name hardware tools popular with African consumers. Now, with the wealthy people in Africa gradually increased, the level of hot metal tools is simply unimaginable. Hardware tools for its affordable price, excellent quality in domestic and foreign markets to win a larger market share.

      After investigation, we found that the design of the kitchen, the annual 16% of the market will increase demand, we can see, the development of the hardware industry is still great. Hardware market survey shows that about 70% of the demand for hardware products from the housing decoration, 40% of the products depends on the supply of some domestic hardware suppliers.

      In the world, the hardware industry in the consumption of personalized, focus on quality, reasonable price and more choices, hardware is from the traditional sense of the tool industry to the fashion industry. In the future development, hardware tools industry need to explore new outlets, such as building the rural market, will be a clear choice of direction of the industry. Let the hardware and tools to develop the potential of the township market is a big trend, but also cultivate the brand fertile soil, but the timing and challenges.

      China's hardware and tools to enter the Chinese small town market, first of all because of the highly dispersed rural market, so the cultural differences, living habits and different environments are quite the same, so they are very different requirements for home decoration, not only different from the city, but also between villages For this situation, companies must study their habits and develop their products according to their characteristics, for example, they need to have a stacking room for the production of tools, a variety of debris and food items , Because the use of environmental differences, the wear resistance of the tile and other characteristics will have special requirements, as long as to understand them, and specially designed their favorite products, will be welcomed by the market.

      Then is to set up a sales network. Hardware tools for the city's sales model must be applied to the rural market due to riding a tiger, because the rural area is wide, so to develop a flat sales network, and enterprises to set up a special leadership organization, organize research market, develop rural market development strategy, And training sales staff, this is a long-term action related to the survival of enterprises, any short-term behavior must fail.

      Hardware tools to develop the potential of the township market is a big trend, and only enterprises will be hardware tools to the countryside to develop into a strategy, rather than through the crisis of expediency, and organizational structure in the enterprise to change, invest resources to research , Develop new business model, cultivate economic strength, organizational strength to the implementation, in order to seize the opportunity to become successful.

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