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Electric tools to increase technological innovation

2016-12-28 09:52:24

Electric tools to increase technological innovation

In the global sales of power tools, the vast majority of the production and export from China, China has become the world's leading power tool suppliers.

Electric tool industry in the development, some problems are increasingly exposed. Especially the slow progress of scientific research and development system reform, the gap with foreign countries is obvious, the export product is low, the level of performance is low, the price is low, small-scale enterprises, low concentration, raw material price factors seriously hampered the further development of the industry and Quality improvement.

Power tools enterprises must seize the new development situation, increase scientific and technological innovation, and actively carry out product certification, speed up technological transformation of enterprises, improve the supporting measures, and actively create the conditions to absorb foreign capital and promote corporate asset restructuring, the only way to the new situation never fail.

Pneumatic tools market is bullish

Pneumatic tools market is optimistic about the business, on the one hand lies in its relatively high technical requirements, the use of pneumatic tools more widely, coupled with the further to keep up with after-sales service to dispel the previous customers worry that the product is nowhere to repair the bad Concerns, so that the potential sales of pneumatic tools to be further stabilized.

But because of its market price in general higher than the electric tools, which has become a pneumatic tool is not widely used one of the main reasons.

With the continuous improvement of domestic production technology and maturity, the price of pneumatic tools will gradually decline.

Hardware tool gift set popular

With the gradual increase in the level of consumption of ordinary people, cars into the homes of ordinary people, car tools and auto maintenance accessories with the needs of a substantial increase.

Vehicle vehicle tools, including wrenches, jacks, rivets, guns, etc., especially in the best vehicle sales of electric vehicles.

Electric vehicle vehicle tools small size, light weight, excellent performance, the use of safety. Rivet gun can also be applied to decorating, carpentry and other decorative industries, serve multiple purposes.

At the same time, practical family combination tools began to enter the homes of ordinary people. Sophisticated packaging, a full range of features and a reasonable price, the family and business is a good helper, but also gifts of friends and relatives of good gifts.

In particular, some foreign tourists, the combination of practical family tools is a soft spot, buy a set for personal use or gifts friends and relatives, economic and affordable.

Hardware tool product demand is very strong, especially the emergence of gift set of tools for the hardware industry pointed out a new road.

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